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This Dashboard has many things you will not have yet, these are Plugins that we have installed for this website.

The Dashboard has many areas that you will use.

Posts is for chronological articles you put on your site. WordPress was first a Blogging platform that has now become the world's most used Content Management platform. So in Posts, you can create Categories to be able to manage your Posts for your site.

Media holds all your Pictures, PDFs, and Videos. As we build your first page, you need to get your Photos ready. The pictures need to be website ready. Most cameras and phones take super large pictures, in the range of 5,000px by 6,000px. Website pictures max out at 1920px wide.

Pages are for creating static articles that change little and what we use to first build out your website for pages like Welcome, Meet the Team, Product, Services, About Us, Contact Us,

Comments is generally turned off, as the Internet is just full of spammers. If you do want Commenters on your website, then there are some things we can do to make this happen with your out website getting swamped with thousands of comments for the weird of stuff.

Appearance is where you work on the Look and Feel of your website. This is where you manage your Themes, Customize your website appearance, Widgets, Menus, Heading just takes you to Customize, and unless you really know what you are doing, Theme Editor is a really easy way to break your website.

Plugins are extra tools you can download and install to expand what your website can do. We have a list of plugins that we highly recommend you install to keep yourself safe and make better use of the tools of WordPress. Most of the tools recommend have a free level that is more than adequate to meet the needs of your website.

Users are you and anyone else you want in your website.

Tools contains things like Import Export, as well as a Site Health Tester which is recommended to be used from time to time to check the health of your site. Some Plugins also put themselves here as well.

Settings hold the general Settings set for WordPress as well as many Plugins make themselves available for Customization here.